Updates From the World of Miles and Points – 4/1

It’s Sunday night and I actually have a few minutes to do some typing, so it looks like the Updates From the World of Miles and Points are going to come out on time this week (or at least close). I would see this as a good sign if I didn’t already know that they will probably be late again next week. I can’t really see myself taking the time to write up the Updates when I could be out enjoying Paris, but I guess you never know. The list is a bit shorter because I was so late with my links last week, but there are still some good pieces of information.

For those that are new to the blog, I am trying to do these updates every Sunday to help catch you up with what is going on. There are often items that come up throughout the week that I don’t really think I should devote an entire post to, but still think you might want to know about. This is where I link to some of the other blogs that I read and respect so that you can get the whole story.

Even though it’s technically April now, I am still going to start out with a link to the Credit Card March Madness Tournament going on at Extra Pack of Peanuts. By the time this posts, voting for today’s match-up will probably be closed, but there should be a new one starting tomorrow. I think we are getting near the finals of the tournament. Make sure you keep checking back to vote and to see which card is crowned the overall champion. Details HERE.

Scottrick over at Hack My Trip has been talking to those in power at Hipmunk. Not only has he been giving them some constructive criticism, but he has also learned a few helpful tricks for using their flight and hotel searches. It looks like the folks at Hipmunk are receptive to new ideas and really are trying to make the best flight and hotel search engine possible. Details HERE and HERE.

The Frequent Miler posted today with a list of all the changes in earnings for the Ultimate Rewards Mall. I am hoping that some of the decreases are simply April Fool’s jokes and will return to the higher amounts tomorrow, but I am not very optimistic about that. For those who don’t know, the Ultimate Rewards Mall is one of the best online portals for earning points for your purchases, but you have to have a Chase UR card to have access. Details HERE.

Loyalty Traveler outlines for us how we can use Priority Club’s current bonus on points purchases to get 60,000 points and Platinum Elite status for just $460. There are some great values for redeeming Priority Club points, including the PointBreaks that I will be using for my stay Tuesday night. Chrissy currently has Platinum status and we have been quite happy with the service we have had at Priority Club properties. Details HERE.

If you have some US Airways miles to use, Mommy Points let us know about the great availability showing for off-peak awards on some routes in 2013. This post was from a couple of days ago and I haven’t personally checked any dates since then, but if you are looking to book a trip, it is definitely worth taking a look. Details HERE.

Mommy Points also let us know about the end of the US Airways Debit Card coming up in September. I had already received a notice from Bank of America about my card, but some people may have missed theirs. I am just hoping that we will still be able to use the card for a hit during this year’s Grand Slam before it goes away. Of course, I am also hoping that the Grand Slam will return again this year. Details HERE.

The Points Guy gives us an update on the ongoing problem with Delta not being able to see or book Air France and KLM business class awards. I have a whole bunch of Delta miles and would really like it if they would fix this issue soon. Hopefully if enough of us keep writing about it and complaining, they will make it a higher priority. Details HERE.

In the meantime, View From the Wing gives us some tips for how to work around this Delta issue, as long as you are willing to call Hong Kong to make your reservations. That is not something I am ready to do quite yet, but it may work for some of you that have access to cheap international calling. Details HERE.

On a similar note, Gary also tells us what we can do when we know that there are award seats available but the airline representative says there aren’t. In this case, no doesn’t always mean no. Details HERE.

One Mile at a Time tells us that as promised, the UK raised their Air Passenger Duty by 8% today. As if it weren’t expensive enough to fly out of London, it will now be even more. This will make London an even better candidate for an open jaw, flying into London and back home from somewhere else in Europe. Details HERE.

Lucky also brings us our fun for the day. I was going to post a link to the WestJet video, but he went ahead and summed up a few more airline April Fool’s jokes as well. With it being April Fool’s Day, the internet was teeming with amusing news stories and it was good to see the travel industry getting in on the fun too. Details HERE.

That’s it for tonight’s Updates. This week you can expect some information on our quest for last minute Global Entry approval for the boys. If I have access to wi-fi and some free time in a lounge or two, I will try to keep you all updated while we are on our trip too. If not, you can always expect a full report including some great pictures when we get back home. For now, keep earning and burning those miles and points and I’ll see you out there exploring the world.

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