Updates From the World of Miles and Points – 2/26

Well, here we are on Sunday already and time for a few updates from around the world of miles and points. For those that are new to the blog, I am trying to do this every Sunday to help catch you up with what is going on. There are often items that come up throughout the week that I don’t really think I should devote an entire post to, but still think you might want to know about. This is where I link to some of the other blogs that I read and respect so that you can get the whole story.

Many of you may have got in on a great deal recently from Jetsetter. The deal was for airport transfers from Groundlink.com and with the referral bonuses that Jetsetter was advertising, the price was very low. It almost seemed too good to be true and for many participants, it turned out that it was. Gary over at View From the Wing posted the details of what he went through and then an update a few days later when Jetsetter had responded. If you have referral credits due to you from Jetsetter, make sure to check on them because they might be gone. Original details HERE and update HERE.

Gary also posted this week that Hyatt Gold Passport will be dropping 4 airline partners for earning and transfer of points effective March 16th. This is not a huge deal for me as Hyatt is not one of the programs I am currently concentrating on, but it will most likely affect many others. Details HERE.

Accor Hotel A|Club is offering free instant Platinum status again. This is the highest tier of their loyalty program and I took advantage of a similar offer a few months ago. Although I haven’t had a chance to take advantage of the benefits yet, I would suggest you go and get the status because you never know when you might be able to use it. Platinum status also looks nice in my hotel list on AwardWallet. Details HERE.

AwardWallet announced this week that they were being forced to disable the browser add-on that was allowing users to track AAdvantage accounts even after American Airlines had forced AwardWallet to stop storing account login data. Unfortunately, there is now no way to see your AAdvantage balances or expiration dates through AwardWallet. This is something that  is quite upsetting to me as I use their site for all of my account tracking. I was actually going to do a full post on the topic, but it had been covered so well by others, I decided not to. For details, you can see an overview of the situation from View From the Wing HERE and a write-up on how it will effect families from Mommy Points HERE. I give AA a big thumbs down for this move and hope that they will change their decision.

Enterprise announced this week that they will be launching a points earning loyalty program starting March 1st. The Points Guy thinks this is a good step for Enterprise and that the program could potentially be a good value. Details HERE.

If you want to sign up for the Business ExtrAA program from American Airlines, there are available codes to get 500 points at signup and another 1000 points with a $5 purchase from Vertical Response. You do not need to have a business to sign up for this program, so it is available to everyone. Both Daraius and Brian did posts about this and I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so here are both. Million Mile Secrets details HERE. The Points Guy details HERE. UPDATE: IT APPEARS THAT THE VERTICAL RESPONSE PROMOTION HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN. IT STILL MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO SIGN UP FOR THE BUSINESS EXTRAA ACCOUNT SO THAT YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FUTURE PROMOTIONS.

There were several posts this week about the last chance to get the Chase Continental OnePass Card, but I think that Million Mile Secrets had by far the best post on the topic. Instead of telling you to run out and get the card, he reminded us that there are several reasons that you might NOT want to get the card. The most important one being that it could shut you out on any bonuses from the United Explorer Card. Even though you may have seen others telling you to get the Continental Card while you still can, please read the post by Daraius before applying. Details HERE.

Virgin America is offering a 20% discount for you to use on a flight this spring. This is a limited promotion both in dates and in number of codes they are giving out so if you think you can use it, go and get your code now. Details HERE.

Finally, our funny news item of the week comes to us from Jared over at Online Travel Review. Apparently in Pakistan, overbooking doesn’t mean you get bumped from the plane. You might just have to get creative with where you sit. Details HERE.

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